Five Tool Baseball Club

5 Tool Baseball Club

Join us at 5 Tool Baseball Club, where we prioritize quality coaching, growth, and providing a truly exceptional travel baseball experience.

Redefining Travel Baseball

At 5 Tool Baseball Club, we're redefining what true travel baseball means. If you're tired of paying for "travel ball" only to receive a recreational or all-star level experience, we're here to provide a different approach. Our goal is to help young athletes dream big, not only by developing elite baseball skills and physical prowess but also by fostering growth in character and mental fortitude.

Extended Training Hours

We offer local players the unique opportunity to start training as early as 2:30 pm, directly after school. This way, your child can complete their training and practice sessions before you pick them up after work, saving you time and eliminating stress.

Coaches & Specialists

We ensure that each team is led by qualified, dedicated coaches who have both the expertise and time to focus on player development. Practices are structured by paid specialists to meet individual and team needs, making them efficient and effective.

Private Field & Facilities

Our private field and indoor facilities are exclusively ours, offering a climate-controlled, fully equipped space for high-level training and tournaments only for 5 Tool players.

Big Things in the Works

We offer a scholarship program for select players and are developing more private indoor facilities, local fields, and our own tournaments to help our teams reach their full potential.

Dedicated Coaches & Professional Specialists

Practices are structured by professional specialists to meet individual and team needs, making them efficient and effective.

Coaches & Trainers

We interview all our head coaches, ensuring they pass our assessments and align with our 5 Tool philosophy. They also learn from our Paid Player Development Specialists who work with our Head Coaches to structure and run practices ensuring individual and team growth.

Nip Patrick

8U/12U Nationals Head Coach, Trainer, President of Baseball Operations

Malik Spratling

9U Nationals Head Coach & Trainer

Ben Harris

10U Nationals Head Coach

Bryan Owens

10U 5 Tool Stars Head Coach

Spencer Hanson

11U Nationals Head Coach & Trainer

Bobby Peek

14U Stars Head Coach

Skyler McPhee

Player Development Specialist

Patrick McPhee

Player Development Specialist

Austin Smith

Pitching & Catching Coordinator


Speed & Agility Trainer
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